Ryan and his faithful sidekick Guts My name is Ryan Spellman and I like piggies. But I don’t like to eat them all that much because they’re my friends. I like cats too… except for when they attack me, chew up the toilet paper, wake me up when I’m hung over, scratch the door sill, knock my movies over, tear up hair ties, eat bugs and puke on the carpet, meow incessantly for no reason, say bad things, beg for attention while out of reach, commit grand larceny and taunt the neighbors. In some of those cases I yell at them. But not all. I also like to draw, read about mythology and hang out with heathens. In the future I will have a robot body. Would you know more?

SuprJen is surrounded by cats --- OH NO!
SuprJen is the wall I bounce ideas off of. Sometimes stuff bounces, sometimes stuff sticks and sometimes the ideas come back in a totally different shape.

In all seriousness, though – thanks for checking out cleverboar.com! This is the home page for Luckthorn, a bi-weekly webcomic about the luckiest, unlucky purple minotaur and his traveling companions. A new page is released every Monday and will continue until all there is to tell has been told.

Don’t be fooled, Luckthorn is no kid’s tale! However, when a release is deemed inappropriate notice will be given.

Again, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy and make many returns.