Well, here we are… the re-release has now begun! For those that followed the comic in its first run, be sure to stick with us once again. If you’re new to Luckthorn, then be ready for some craziness.

This re-release is something that needed to be done. I learned a lot while making the first 28 issues of Luckthorn. This re-release is allowing us to fix some graphical problems, correct grammar, change font face and more. Our hope is that this extra attention will make Luckthorn even more enjoyable, plus give us a chance to work far enough ahead that the story will can be completed in a steady stream without interruption.

Even with the changes, it still takes a while before the comics reach their full potential. You’ll notice the characters develop in appearance over time, and that even the general layout of the comic evolves a little issue by issue until it gets to where I thought it optimal.

Thanks for stopping by for the first issue! Come back next week for issue number two. We also have another comic that will make an erratic appearance called Casca Tales, so keep an eye out for that one once in a while too.

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